MA Project 480/270 @ The Making Space (Huddersfield) 20-2-2018

More from the making space.

After lots of work on ideas for posters and flyers ,it seems that the team has made up its mind to go with a more formal approach and come up with the two below

TMS poster idea 2s_chris

TMS poster idea 3_chris

the frustrations of team work are as always, compromise…. I was once told that “A camel is a Horse designed by a committee”

they are nice posters,and will i’m sure after a little work and tidying up be very effective

it just seems like i am wasting my efforts, the project is doing well but i don’t feel as if it is anything to do with me … posters, logos all seem like a waste of time and effort. I’m not used to this compromise lark ūüėĬ† things also get a little confused when we are all communicating by whats app group msgs. we all have a good working relationship face to face but confusion sets in over whats app,our two hour meeting got things sorted and moving.

5-00pm¬† ¬† just back from our meeting feeling better now i’ve had my medication ūüėČ we got a lot done in two hours the poster has been tweaked a little and work for the week shared out between us.

Apart from that all is going well I have made some collages from my photographs of the Art works on show on the streets of Huddersfield,these are for a collaborative piece of work with Assunta  who wants to use my collage for her textile piece ,my work has been turned into a Sepia piece and she will print it on special paper and then transfer this to a textile base as part of  the project.

so here below are the two collages in sepia

Left side mural small

Left side mural/collage

Mural right side small

Right side mural/collage

The challenges of team work are difficult…

Will the rewards of team work be worth it ? at this stage of the project I have my doubts but I suspect that at the half way stage of any project doubts creep in,I have no doubts that we will pull off the aims of the project and that it will work ,and be a good group piece of work,my fears are it will put me off collaboration and group work forever.




MA Project 480/270 @ The Making Space (Huddersfield) continued

WE showed our pitch to the Making space people and thankfully they were very positive about what we proposed so now the hard work begins.

I have started to put together some ideas for posters and flyers for our event,I have kept them text free for the moment just concentrating on the Visuals the text can be added later as and when we decide on what they will be used for ,or even if they are good enough to use,we are all getting a few ideas put forward this week when we shall really start to  move the moment though every idea is just a proposal for posters ,flyers and advertisement.

so here’s my poster/flyer rough drafts

magritte polution 02

Rene Magritte influenced idess based on the oceans having plastic bottles rained down on them polluting the seas and oceans for years to come these first draft posters are all variations of that theme.. Plastic Bottles take over FOUR HUNDRED and Fifty years to degrade……

magritte polution 03 postarised

as above but posterised in Photoshop

Magritte polution 01 copy 2 copy

A different wave pattern and some different colours for the bottles,also some bottles floating on the waves My current favourite.



Magritte polution 01

Magritte polution 03 posterised

Minor varriations

Magritte polution paint 01


A Darker version and not just in colour  this one is an idea for showing a Dirty Ocean/sea

Magritte polution paint 02

Magritte polution paint 03

Basic versions of an Idea all can be changed and altered as the master Images are on PSD files and contain all the Photoshop layers used and a few not used.

on Friday we attended the





organised by ROTOR our local arts council funded transdiciplinary Dialogue and Debate Group

I have been fortunate to have been involved with ROTOR before at a  minor level taking photographs of one of their events and of the artists involved one of MY photographs was used on the website advertising the event too see it here

rotor event web site pic

screenshot of my photo on website and the real thing below

Ex 09 small

a nice surprise to see it on the website but would have been nice to be credited.

two of these Events are discussed in older writings in this Blog (see if you can find them ūüėÄ You might like what you see)

some very good and very interesting speakers ,the opening (act ? ūüėČ ) speaker was Marsden’s own¬† Internationally renowned Poet …..¬†¬†Simon Armitage.

Simon did a great job of opening the Event , I’m not a great fan of poetry but he did a very good speech and showed how much depth has gone into his poetry and also into where his poetry, in this case carved into rocks in the great wild outdoors of northern England is situated.

Phil Wood followed Simon and gave a brilliant speech full of wit and wisdom and a nice (if somewhat politically biased) trip down Huddersfield’s memory lane

other speakers followed, with interesting examples of how community arts work¬† (and sometimes don’t work) in different areas not just of the UK but also we had two speakers all the way from Amsterdam.

all this followed by workshops and a chance to discuss our own project , somewhat timid-ally with the great and good on the panel which consisted of:

Adele Poppleton head of culture for Kirklees

Our own (Huddersfield UNI) Professor Donal Fitzpatrick

Sue Ball Director  of Creative regeneration practise Media and Arts partnership.

as well as the Conference organisers

Dr Ana powell, Sara Pennington and Lee Corner

The event had a wonderful little booklet which came with it giving us all the information about the event and had some good photographs in it. I was once again surprised to see one of my own photographs from a previous event in the booklet (see below) once again without credit.

Rotor mag 4 blog

My pic rotor 4 blog 02

and a cropped version of one of my photographs (which I took for Rotor for expenses only whilst doing my degree) without credit as photographer.

below the photo before cropping to vertical

for blog rotor my image cropped

and again with rough crop lines

blog cory of my pic

A bit of a disappointment that I didn’t get credited as this would have been a good place to have had my Name mentioned.

Apart from that little niggle and moan the show was well worth going to,and I met a few interesting people and learned a little about how they do things.




MA Project 480/270 @ The Making Space (Huddersfield)

St Valentines day February 14th 2018

Yesterday (14th) we got to present our pitch for the Event/Exhibition Idea with our partners “The Making Space(Huddersfield)”

Our Final Power point is as follows with a brief description of what was pitched.

FPP 01

Opening slide just to show our logo and who and what we are

FPP 02

General pitch before we tell them what our story is

FPP 03

The Hook …

showed the slide then had a brief pause before asking if those figures meant anything to anyone on the Making space panal.

when they said no

All was revealed.

480 is the number of plastic drinking bottles used by the average household in the UK per annum

270 is the number of those bottles that are recycled per household,per annum

FPP 04

The Idea.

Aims and objectives.

our pitch was to have an event at “the Making Space” consisting of artistic reuse of¬† ¬† Plastic Drinking Bottles, an event whereby local people are invited to creatively make art from plastic bottles and raise awareness of the pollution problem caused by said bottles.

FPP 05

More info on the pitch as to how it covers our UNI brief and also manages to raise public awareness of the problem,while bringing people together to make Art.

FPP 06

Quick dip into our research of other Arts based groups and of environmental Artists enough to show that we had researched our brief but not too much to make our pitch too long and loose peoples interest, these things can and will be gone into in detail at another time.

FPP 07

Other Artists work just to show what can and is being done(referenced at end of Power point).

FPP 07b

Mandy Barker international artist who we have been in contact with, and who is too busy to be  with us, but is willing to make comments and take an interest in our work through our social media and our website.

FPP 08

The Event

“Making at The Making Space”¬† possibly “Making @The Making space”


An event for the creative people of Huddersfield to come together and make things, sculpture and art work made on the day using plastic bottles, also art work made for the event but not at the event can be brought in beforehand and displayed on the day.

The making of art on the day will be documented visually via photography and possibly video streams.

Using our plastic bottles to decorate the ceiling of the Making space following the theme of  480 bottles to raise awareness of the amount of plastic waste made by each household in the UK.

The Exhibition

Made at (@ ?) the Making Space

Display at the Making Space of artworks made for and at the event, photographic documentation of the event and the artwork, written descriptions and artist statements

The displays at the exhibition will also be available online at facebook, Instagram and other social media and also on our own website, creating an opportunity for people to leave comments and feedback.

FPP 09

How we intend to promote our event and our Exhibition

FPP 10

An open invitation for Questions by our hosts and partners from “the Making Space”

Que to open conversation about what we have presented and also how.

FPP 11

references for images used in Power point presentation.

Well it was St Valentines day after all and it’s not too arrogant to say our hosts at the Making space … loved it




MA Project The Making Space (Huddersfield) second edition

    Our rough outline of  what we are going to do



A project organised by MA Digital Media Students:

The Making Space is a collaboration of artists working from an open plan indoor space in Huddersfield.  We are a group of 6 MA Media students, with a brief to work in The Making- Space, to create an environment to host an event on March 14th. The purpose, is to engage with the public and community groups, using different creative, practical disciplines and trades, including: textiles, fine artists, visual media and lens-based practitioners.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for 2 wall areas in the venue to be creatively transformed, to convey, Huddersfield’s Past, Present & Future. The approximate sizes of the work needed in the space would be 7ft*10ft, using the walls as the canvas. It would be entirely up to you, to decide on your own approach and creative influence, but the work should in some way, tell a story of Huddersfield through its changing states or stories, using some of the following themes:


  • People
  • Engineering
  • Textiles
  • Music
  • Design
  • Media
  • Education
  • Landmarks and geography


How many could be involved:

That’s up to you, it could be done your own, in pairs or a small team.


What do you get out of it?

  • Free Materials for this project
  • A chance to apply your own creative talent, on a project that you can direct.
  • A means to promote you and your work.
  • Working with different people, on a live brief.
  • Exhibit your own work in a public place.
  • Be promoted through marketing material we develop.
  • Photographic publicity for you to use. (if you want)
  • High quality digital copies of your finished work.
  • Feedback from the MA students and the Public.



Event:  Wednesday 14.3.18 (7 weeks, work to be finished within 4 weeks).



We ask, if you want to be involved, to make sure you’re able to follow through and complete your work in the time available.


The Making Space



MA Media students involved:

Assunta, Laura, Chris, Richard, Tom and Ashleigh. (around Wednesday’s and Friday’s).



Free for this project.


Please reply by: Thursday February 7th through Gill Sampson or directly by email.


Contact email:

Any questions? just ask.

Chris: or Richard:


The Venue:

A short walk from 21 Market Place, Huddersfield. Available weekday’s 9.00am -7.00pm

pics for project brief blog


Above is our Brief

After much discussion and various ideas brought up and discarded we are now getting a little bit further along with the project

mind map below shows thoughts and ideas as we came up with them

Mind map MKSPC 01

Mind map MKSPC 02

Our rough idea for   the brief as always with these things we will add to it and discard from it as things evolve.

pitch 02

pitch 01




To help reflect on the presentation today, this summarises our rationale and proposition to engage creatively with the community.



The proposal highlighted the scale and impact of consumer-led plastic waste, that always starts locally.  Plastic we suggest, is not the problem, it’s every community’s attitude towards a throw-away culture.  In our collaborative response to the brief, the group proposes to engage the public and creative-art’s community in Huddersfield, through an issues-based awareness approach.  The event and supporting exhibition, centre on the very current, local and-global issues of plastic pollution.


The event, to be held in the Making Space, seeks raise awareness, through creativity and engaging individuals in making creative sculpture from everyday plastic bottle waste. We hope Huddersfield’s creative communities, will express their identity and creative interpretation to a wider audience through this work. We feel, combining Huddersfield’s creative manufacturing culture, with The Making Space, would encourage local people to apply themselves in changing habits, that effect places beyond the pride of their own town.


Or priories are based on responding, demonstrating and qualifying an interdisciplinary to:

  1. Social impact   Community awareness       3. Execution        4. Cross disciplinary thinking.


Initial and ongoing research suggest a greater need for commercial efficiencies in mostly all communities. Part of this research discovered, that despite the symbolism, connotation and importance of the Lion Statue, in the town centre, this is also made efficiently from a form of plastic composite.   We would hope, the event using plastic bottle waste, allows individuals to re-cycle and make their own statements, rather than thrown away without a thought.




Event                             Exhibition                         Sharing the work others               Feedback mechanisms

we are getting nearer to the pitch to the making space people and have put together the basis for a power point presentation

seen here below

PP 01

PP 02

PP 03

PP 04

PP 05

PP 06

PP 07

PP 08

PP 09

so far so good but still a long way to go

helpful hints on making a presentation provided for us by Assunta

24.1.17 The Enterprise Workshop  

Presentation Skills Helen Walker, Staff development manager.

Top tips for planning a presentation.

The five cardinal sins

  • No clear point
  • No audience benefit
  • No clear flow ‚Äď audience can‚Äôt connect if there is no structure. Don‚Äôt throw balls at them, idea after idea. Do tell them a story.
  • Too detailed
  • Too long

To detailed and too long are connected. Do not data dump. Do not show graphs or write paragraphs on the slides. Eyes will glaze over. Don’t bullet point, be more creative. Put up single words.


Do not open your computer and start by creating your first slide.

Instead get a pen and paper and ask yourself:

Why am I presenting?

What am I trying to achieve?

How am I credible? (confident, knowledgeable, enthusiastic)

What is my key message? (The one thing you want them to take away.)


What is in it for the audience? (e.g. Academic tutor, are we meeting the module brief? How does it benefit The Making Space?)

What is important to them? What are they looking for?

When you have the answers to the above, think content.


Always look at content before structure.

Brainstorm with post-it notes, then find links. Link in different ways.

Presenting is about taking the content of your brain, putting on the post-it notes, linking and deciding what you are not going to talk about. Do that by asking yourself: What is my focus/purpose? What is important to the audience?


Let the audience know your structure, tell them the journey you are going to take them on.

Start with a hook, get their attention. Can be something funny.

Establish credibility by saying what you’ve done. Keep it short and snappy.

Pitch Solving a problem, how is your solution better/ different from others. (build relationships).

Practice your pitch, over and over to build confidence. Preparation is key.

End by telling them what they get out of it. Finally, Are there any questions?


More to come later this week so hold onto your hats ūüėÄ




MA Project The Making Space (Huddersfield)

The Making space is part of Our MA project Basically the Making space is in thier own words

“The Making Space is a shared workspace in Huddersfield where craft makers, technologists, artists, engineers, musicians, and anyone interested in learning, can share their skills, and by sharing begin to collaborate on new ideas, projects and products.

The most important skill is being interested in learning, and we welcome anyone who wants to get involved.”

our project is “To Animate 21 market place”by connecting with,talking to and celebrating the Independent arts and culture in central Huddersfield”

straight away we ran into a slight problem … 21 Market place which was the home of the Making Space,had been let by its owners and the making space was having to relocate to new premises,luckily they managed to get new premises not too far from 21 market place ,in the “Pack horse center” Huddersfield just round the corner from No 21.

Task one.                                                                                                                                              we had a look at our individual and group strengths

each of us filled in a  template spider chart to show what theses strengths were.


A bit rough but a good starting point to get to know each others strengths and experiences,all these charts were backed up by a getting to know each other meeting and a quick mapping of Ideas

Brief thoughts _0001

an example of such is above

having met each other and had a meeting with the members of The Making space we had a look at individual tasks which are in the chart below

Week 2 plan

I went out and took photos of what Public Art is on show for members of the public as they go about their business in the town center here they are below

including a project by Kirklees college called the spirit of Huddersfield

1 Spirit of hudds Co-op rld 02

2 Spirit of hudds Co-op rld 01

and Public (Civic ?) art built into the 1960’s Buxton House flats

3 Buxton House Art rld 02

4 Buxton House Art rld 01

Below are the Two figures sculptured especially for Huddersfield s Art Gallery and library by Mr James Woodford, ARA  they symbolise Art and Literature, both carved from local stone aprox  1939

5 Wadsworth R rld 01

6 Wadsworth L rld 01

7 Wadsworth L rld 02

8 Wadsworth R rld 02

also on the Art Gallery are two art deco panels

9 Art Deco Panal Library rld 01

10 Art Deco Panal Library rld 02

Not all Huddersfield s Public art is High art below is Jake Mangel Wurzel a local character contribution to Public art from back in 2004

11 Jakes Folly rld 01

Wilko’s shop window .. Is it art ? or just advertising

12 Wilkos windows rld 01

Below are four of the 1960’s murals on Ramsden House showing Huddersfield’s Textile Heritage

13 Textiles Mural rld 02

14 Textiles Mural rld 03

15 Textiles Mural rld 01

16 Textiles Mural rld 04


In the early 1970’s after the wanton destruction of Huddersfield’s Victorian Gothic Market place the Council put up a modernist Market place which they chose to decorate with controversial sculptures at great expense then for some reason only known to councils they planted trees in front of them so they can only be seen in winter when the leaves have fallen.

17 Market Hall sculpture rld 03

19 Market Hall sculpture rld 02

20 Market Hall sculpture rld 04

Also hidden away in Huddersfield center are these three carvings on one of the towns Gothic buildings .. can you find them ?

21 Carving no 1 rld 01

22 Carving no 2 rld 01

Huddersfield’s famous Mooning man

23 Carving no 3 rld 01

At what point does Protest and Graffiti become art ?

24 Fund Art not War rld 02

25 Fund Art not War rld 01

26 Fund Art not War rld 03


More Graffiti art by the side of the Hart pub formerly the white hart pub

27 Street Art The Hart rld 01

Graffiti art under neath the arches some of which were sponsored by businesses such as the Mexican restaurant with the Mexican themed Graffiti

28 Graffiti Art Archways rld 01

29 Graffiti Art Archways rld 02

30 Graffiti Art Archways rld 03

35 Graffiti Art Archways rld 08

31 Graffiti Art Archways rld 04

32 Graffiti Art Archways rld 05

33 Graffiti Art Archways rld 06

34 Graffiti Art Archways rld 07


and Finally grave art vanitas skull and bones which are quite rare this far down in England, Scotland has many such gravestones especially Stirling, also a few in Northumberland  and one other this far south is at Eyam Derbyshire

36 Grave Art rld 01

37 Grave Art rld 02


week 3 planner below

week 3 plan


Quick map of new Making space venue and poss layouts

Poss display areas

I had a go at making a new Logo for our project here are some examples below my instincts were to keep them reasonably simple and include things which I consider symbolise Huddersfield  such as the Railway station,the Plastic Lion and castle hill

Logo rld 01 small

Logo rld 1 plus text 01 small

Logo rld 03 plus text 04 small

Logo rld 02small

Logo rld 02 plus text 02 outlined small

Logo rld 02 plus text pallette small

A few new abstract and surreal photo artworks

Not been blogging for a while

I have just completed my Degree in photography at Huddersfield University so been busy

so here’s a few of the Abstract and Surreal photo art I have been trying my hand at

Art for Art's sake rld 01dasm

Memories on Tv rld 01 dasm

Memories rld 01

Abstract no 11c rld 01 dasm

Abstract rld no 8 sepia dasmAbstract rld no 8 dasmAbstract rld no 7sepia dasm


Abstract rld no 7 dasm

So if you happen across this blog please let me know what you think of these art works

not sure how best to describe them artworks ? Photomanips? any suggestions