Work for my MA

Started my MA in Digital media September 2017 so been a bit busy here are some of the images i am working on

alex double head and sky 02 small

Bust with clouds 01 small

Ionic and head rld 01 small

Gallery heads and viaduct small

I will be keeping up with the blog more soon as i will have work for my MA to upload


A few new abstract and surreal photo artworks

Not been blogging for a while

I have just completed my Degree in photography at Huddersfield University so been busy

so here’s a few of the Abstract and Surreal photo art I have been trying my hand at

Art for Art's sake rld 01dasm

Memories on Tv rld 01 dasm

Memories rld 01

Abstract no 11c rld 01 dasm

Abstract rld no 8 sepia dasmAbstract rld no 8 dasmAbstract rld no 7sepia dasm


Abstract rld no 7 dasm

So if you happen across this blog please let me know what you think of these art works

not sure how best to describe them artworks ? Photomanips? any suggestions