Exhibitions ,Exhibitions,Exhibitions

Been a busy week and a bit,we have had our final interim Exhibition

Heres a few photos of the work on show

EX 02

three of mine

Ex 03

Superb  work by Josh

Ex 01

and  a board view of the Exhibition itself



I also took in two Exhibitions in Manchester,The Strange and Familiar Exhibition at the Manchester Art gallery ,I had been earlier in the year but it is way too much to take in at one go.http://manchesterartgallery.org/exhibitions-and-events/exhibition/strange-and-familiar/EX m 01

As you can see Photography was not permitted

so heres a few of the Exhibits for you to see

Sergio Larrain 02

Sergio Larrain 01

two by Sergio Larrain

Edith Tudor Hart 01

and some of Edith Tudor-Hart’s work




Then up the road at the Whitworth gallery was an Exhibition of Andy Warhols work ,not his best known work but some good stuff none the less  http://www.whitworth.manchester.ac.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/currentexhibitions/artistrooms/

Andy 01

My Photo of the Artists rooms at the Whitworth

Andy 02

self Portrait by Andy

Andy 03

Guns  i think this is a painting of the gun which was used in an attempt on Andy’s life by a deranged feminist Valerie Solanas

 Solanas was a radical feminist and playwright who had reportedly been turned away by Warhol’s team earlier in the day, after asking for a script that she had given to the artist to be returned.

you may  know  that on 3 June 1968 he was shot and pronounced dead – and it took open-heart massage to bring him back to life. This exhibition at The Whitworth Gallery uncovers how he was influenced by this dark event.

As you might expect I took a camera with me and below are three of my photographs taken the same day

one of which is a manipulation of a photo I took in the Whitworth GallerySitting in a Gallery rld 01 small

And here are two of a series I took through a pub window on the way to the Exhibition

Through the Pub window rld 01 Blog


Through the Pub window rld 02 blog




One thought on “Exhibitions ,Exhibitions,Exhibitions

  1. What a very interesting take on life you have, I went to that exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery and found some of it very thought provoking, and some of it not so. Art dahling, I guess. I love all of your photographs and what they portray, your angles and perspectives are a change from the usual humdrum of the modern world. I was a fan of Andy Warhol but didn’t know that he nearly was killed!
    Your Whitworth Gallery image is definitely worthy of portraying widely – excellent.


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