Visit to Britain in Focus opening night at the Media museum Bradford

Last Thursday 16 march 2017

I was invited to the Representation of Photography on Television  talk and exhibition opening at the National media Museum Bradford

Britain in Focus: A Photographic History, created in partnership with BBC Four, explores the changing ways we make, view and share photographs

here’s a link to the official web page

go have a look

See photographers John Bulmer and Eamonn McCabe in conversation”

love that bit 😉 saw em and heard them too great to hear about how they went about the Television show ,and an interesting discussion among the great and good who were also there to speak

spoiled slightly by a bit of feminism trying to hi jack the discussion .. there should have been more female photographers etc… fair point but there wasn’t that many female photographers about in those days ..that’s just the way things were historically.Things have changed and hopefully someone might do a whole program on female photographers  Julia Margaret Cameron was one of the few female photographers in the Exhibition  and to be fair she was there on merit not as a token female go have a look at her work if you are not familiar with it  

BinF 01 blog

The Great and the Good John Bulmer and Eamonn McCabe in conversation with Anne McNeill, director of Bradford’s Impressions Gallery (three in center)

BinF crwd blog

Quite a good turnout unfortunately only me and Andy from our university

BinF Pm 01 blog

Peter Mitchell’s photos amazing photographer  He had a retrospective at the Impressions Gallery Bradford earlier this year which was stunning (see my earlier blog)

a special thank you to  Anne McNeill, director of Bradford’s Impressions Gallery for putting that exhibition on 

BinF gllry 02 blog

the crowd mingling and enjoying the exhibition

BinF gllry blog

Pictures at the exhibition

The last of the three documentary’s in the series will be on BBC4 about 9pm on Monday 20th  I believe this episode brings the series into modern times and includes the work of peter Mitchel so don’t miss it …..

So if anyone is reading this blog …  is anyone reading this blog ?? (let me know what you think of it if you are)    go see the Britain in Focus Exhibition  at the National media Museum  why not make a day of it and visit the Impressions gallery too.






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