14-03-2017 A Visit by Charlie Meecham and a bit of Brexit too

Interesting week not just at uni but for the country as last night we took the biggest leap yet towards independence.

so as my Major project is about “Britishness” (not Nationalism I might add) I thought i’d show some of the “Relevant” and topical photos from my project

Vote leave rld 01 blog

I think we are no doubt as to which way this household voted

Independance day rld 02 blog

A little more subtle I think

I also took a more humorous photograph of British iconography somewhat subverted

with this lovely idea of  painting “Portaloos” as K6 iconic British Telephone Kiosks

those of us old enough to have used such things will remember the smell of urine that they often reeked of .. due to drunks using them as urinals .. somewhat ironic then to decorate the “portaloos” as Telephone Kiosks.

Royal Portaloos rld 01 blog

Away from my work and back to last week at Uni

we had our visiting lecturer Charlie Meecham  who not only gave us advice about his print making business but had a look at our work and gave opinions and advice

heres a link to Charlies work  http://oldhamroadproject.blogspot.co.uk/2009/07/blog-post_15.html?m=0



and a couple of his photographs

Image result for charlie meecham oldham road

Image result for charlie meecham oldham road

Wonderful stuff and a very nice Bloke to talk to too



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