This Weeks Photographic Blog


getting a bit behind with the blog

things are getting busy at Uni

we have had a few people coming in to give us lectures

last week we had  Danny Treacy come in to give us a talk on his work

cant say I was that interested at the thought but luckily I went along any way

An excellent talk and a very interesting bloke so glad i went

have a look at some of his work

strange and Interesting

he’s a good talker too so the lecture was  good to listen to and he showed a good selection of his work

Danny Treacy - Them

Commission for V Man (New York).


Danny works mainly with found items which he then turns into clothes and photographs himself wearing

as i said strange but interesting .

This week on tuesday we have a visiting lecture by Charlie Meecham

the lecture is mainly going to be about Charlies printing studio and on prints but my main interest is in his photography which is the nearest in style to what my major project is about

Image result for Charlie meecham

sort of street documentary so it will be good for my practise if he gets to have a look at my work

Image result for Charlie meecham

Image result for Charlie meecham

and here is a couple of mine in a similar vain






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