Innovation week 20.02.-24.02.17

Innovation week at uni

that’s the week that coincides with university lecturers children having a week off at half term …..  so no lectures officially

but we get to see some special lectures by guest and visiting speakers .

this Monday       Sebaastian Hanekroot (The Hague), Guest Lecture: The Photobook

came all the way from Holland and gave a great lecture on  “an introduction on post production for photography. Introduction of workflow in postproduction.”

some great work and useful technical know how which I am sure will be of use for a long time

Also Sebaastian brought with him a large selection of work that he has been and currently is involved with

a link to Sebaastians web page for his book business colour and books

some great work and so kind of him to pass on his knowledge to us.

the other guest lecture on Friday did not go so well for me 😦

Title: Alex Stapleton – Magnum Photography Agency Alex will be discussing her career to date and the journey towards working at the worlds most prestigious Photographic agency, home of some of the most iconic images of the 20th century – she will also discuss professional practice, this a must for all final years and second years, there is some interesting opportunities coming up as part of the 70th anniversary of magnum. She will be doing small group tutorials in the afternoon looking at student work, discussing career plans.

I saw the ICONIC words Magnum and started to dribble and drool  …..

and it was down hill from there … not sure what happened .. all I can think of is that I just had expectations way too high..

I went down to London about 1990 to see a retrospective of Magnum work and

spent the whole day going wow .. wooo     Flipping heck    ……. etc and Drooling over some of the best images I have ever seen  so the lecture  was bound to disappoint.. which it did.

I found out that Alex had got her degree by using other peoples photographs     this disturbed me no end .. If it had been an ART degree I might have got it .. But to get a degree in photography with other peoples work  left me perplexed ………..

she was  though a nice woman and eager to help and answer questions about her career path after she left Huddersfield Uni

The Afternoon session went from bad to worse I spent nearly three hours waiting to show her some of my work before I lost the will to live and walked out

three hours of my life i will never get back

sorry about the moan but i’m pissed off no end ….. it was not as if loads of students bothered to turn up….. I just must have turned invisible for the day

why am i writing this shit when i could be out taking photographs  (or Drinking beer) ?

and why are you reading it ???

what do you mean you aren’t ?

sorry about the lack of photos in today’s blog but i just couldn’t be bothered to upload any



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